How to manage your child's meltdowns using the NVR approach by Sarah Fisher
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How to manage your child's meltdowns using the NVR approach

Enrollment is closed


In this course you'll learn practical strategies to help you support your child when they are having a meltdown.

The course is based on the NVR approach and will show you how changing the way you react when your child is having a meltdown can have a significant impact on its duration and intensity.

You'll also discover ways to help your child understand their own emotions and express them appropriately.

If you're prepared to make changes to how you respond, you'll see the difference in your child and the relationship you have with them.

What's included?

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Introduction to the Course
9 mins
What is de-escalation?
What is de-escalation?
9 mins
Rewards and consequences
9 mins
Looking after yourself
A letter to yourself
1.64 MB
The importance of looking after yourself
12 mins
Breathing Exercises
338 KB
Practical Strategies to get you started
Practical strategies
9 mins
The post meltdown conversation
9 mins
The impact of listening
9 mins
The communication model
29.5 KB
Prioritising your worries
Prioritising your worries
10 mins
Baskets explanation
51.4 KB
Remember the positives
7 mins
Moving forward
Moving forwards
4 mins
1.64 MB

Helping parents build connected relationships with their children.

If you're struggling to manage your child's behaviour then you're in the right place. 

I'm here to help you create a more connected relationship with your child.  You'll find information about online courses below.

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