Introduction to NVR for New Adoptive Parents by Sarah Fisher
Enrollment is closed

Introduction to NVR for New Adoptive Parents

Enrollment is closed


This course is specifically designed for adoptive parents who are about to have a child placed with them or who have recently had a child placed with them.  It can be started at any time and you  have life time access.

The course is an introduction to NVR (Non Violent Resistance) and teaches you how to create a connected, secure relationship with your child.

The course teaches the key aspects of NVR and how you can start using it straight away to connect with your child in a positive way. You will learn how to:

  • manage meltdowns and calm situations more quickly
  • be more ‘present’ with your child
  • show them you love them
  • engage with those around you for help and support
  • look after yourself (it’s a duty not a luxury!)

This is what parents who have completed the course had to say:

It is a very good introduction to NVR and the basic principles. I wish we'd had this right at the start of our placement as know we would have had a better way to deal with meltdowns. 

Really enjoyed it. Could easily all be very patronising but wasn't. You being a parent who has lived/is living through it means you are credible. You come across as very likeable and down to earth which obviously helps too! 

The information is clear and easy to use, without being overwhelming.

What's included?

Video Icon 9 videos File Icon 4 files


Introduction to the Course
6 mins
What is NVR?
9 mins
Parental Presence
Parental Presence.mp4
8 mins
Looking after yourself
Looking After Yourself.mp4
9 mins
Breathing Exercises.pdf
338 KB
How to manage meltdowns
Managing Meltdowns using De-escalation
10 mins
De-escalation Exercise.pdf
348 KB
Rewards and consequences
4 mins
Reconciliation Gestures
Reconciliation Gestures
9 mins
Getting the right support
7 mins
A Guide for Supporters.pdf
1.65 MB
Pulling it all together
Pulling it all together
4 mins
1.64 MB

Helping parents build connected relationships with their children.

If you're struggling to manage your child's behaviour then you're in the right place. 

I'm here to help you create a more connected relationship with your child.  You'll find information about online courses below.

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